Franchises Overview

Thank you for your interest in joining the Melt family.

The Melt Café & Gelato bar is a fresh, new, and exciting concept – not just for our customers but also for our franchisees and business partners. In the already immense retail ice cream market, Melt Café & Gelato bar brings a new, exciting approach in an under represented sector.

Authentic Italian Gelato and Sorbetto has been loved for hundreds of years, it has yet to be fully exposed to consumers in the U.S. and other countries. Crepes; a staple diet in France, and a healthier alternative to fast foods relatively is new to the North American consumer. We offer great products in a great environment, providing the consumer with a feeling of being in Europe.

We serve traditional Gelato and many other delicious and healthier for you products including savory and sweet crepes, fresh pressed Panini, tasty wraps, coffee, smoothies, Italian Sodas and other treats. The Melt Café and Gelato bar is an efficient business model, supported by marketing and merchandising tools and established operating procedures that make running the locations relatively simple. Not only do we offer great products, we also offer our customers a unique purchase experience, one that they will always remember. Our enthusiastic customers enjoy gelato’s intense flavors, dense and creamy texture, natural ingredients, and significantly lower fat content than premium ice cream, all in a unique atmosphere and environment. Based on Italian recipes that are centuries old, our selection of gelato and sorbetto is decoratively displayed in glass cases and helps attract customers again and again. Our delicious French crepes, Panini, Wraps and Salads are made in view of the customer and offer a healthy alternative to fast food.