Franchise Process

Step 1. Request for information – We request some basic franchising information to assess whether you are an ideal candidate to become a Melt franchisee. Click on the link to access this short questionnaire. Basic info request

Step 2. Receive the FDD (franchise disclosure document) – Franchising regulations require that we provide you with a copy of our most current franchise disclosure document. The document provides you with up to date and accurate information about franchising with Melt Café & Gelato bar.

Step 3. Submit Advanced information request – Once you have decided that joining the Melt family is right for you, you will need to submit the advanced information request although the process is online, we are available to help you as you complete the information request.

Step 4. Interview – You will meet with one or more of our executives. This is an opportunity to get to know each other and answer any questions you may have. If you have not yet done so up to this point, we encourage you to visit some Melt stores.

Step 5. Approval – You will receive a letter congratulating you on your approval and welcoming you to the melt family.

Step 6. Execute agreements – At this time you will complete and sign the franchise agreements based on the terms discussed and begin to look forward to your first Melt location.