Franchises Overview

Why buy a franchise?

Realize your dream of owning your own business and achieving financial freedom.

For many people, franchising is an excellent way of starting up a business. It is in the franchisor’s long term interest for you to succeed and thus we offer continuing support and marketing unlike buying an existing business or starting from scratch on your own.

You may feel the restrictions stipulated in a franchise contract – with regards to your choice of suppliers, recruitment policy or products – contradict the ethos of ‘working for yourself’. However, in the majority of cases, these are in place to uphold the franchise brand name and are part of a successful business formula.

Is your net worth more than $250,000?

Do you have available cash is excess of $50,000 to invest?

Do you usually finish what you start?

Start more projects than you complete?

How would you describe yourself:

Are you a risk taker?

Are you a leader?

Do you feel comfortable promoting yourself and your business?

Are able to manage a flexible work schedule?

Are you a hard worker?